Shifty Science is Chris Ike and John Kardaras, two Chicago-born producers who met as teenagers on Chicago’s north side in 1985. Brought together through a common love of Skateboarding, they shared musical interests as well, attending all-ages hardcore punk shows at Metro and listening to DJs mixing on WNUR Street Beat radio shows. Their mutual love for music continued to grow, as did the interest in creating it themselves. Inspired by sounds they heard coming out of Chicago and Detroit they began building a small studio with bare-bones gear and equipment. The initial collection consisted of a Kawai K1 keyboard, a Boss DR-550 Dr. Rhythm drum machine, and a Tascam Portastudio four-track recorder. From those humble beginings, the duo continued to experiment and feed the desire to create a unique sound.


On The Horizon

We are proud to announce our latest release: Lab Work 91-96. Coming out on Argot Records, the 14 tracks on Lab Work are unusual hybrids of classic sounds, from Warp-influenced house to bold, dynamic nods to Detroit techno, as well as more assertive party-starting tracks and banging experiments. The digital compilation is accompanied by a vinyl release -- Versions For Modern Dancefloors -- a 12” of four Shifty Science tracks edited by Savile and Steve Mizek that reshape the raw materials to fit the needs of DJs, both in arrangement and sound quality. Included with purchase of Versions For Modern Dancefloors is a full color booklet featuring liner notes by Steve Mizek and a download code for Lab Work 91-96 that includes a bundle of digital extras.